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Food is life. Food is a basic which shouldn't be scarce to us all. The body needs food to be able to function properly. it must not be just any food but a well balanced diet that has been the tradition some decades ago. The question is do you care what your food intake is? ZalEmpire5StarCatering brings to you the well balanced diet influenced by our tradition, our African/Zimbabwean culture it is our beautiful healthy food. We say no to fast food, no to GMO... we say yes to home cooked fresh food straight from the farm. Join the movement and support healthy eating mission.

food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate 

Traditional foods have been the fundamental sources of food and nutrition for many communities. Now because people are used to modern food some say traditional food is "food for the poor" which is a wrong mentality. How can someone see his identity like something inferior? My question is can't we see that we are degrading our culture? The introduction of technology has debiliated tradional culture and food habits leading to the dilution of our culture.









traditional foods...our identity 

Jonathan Safrain quoted that"food is not rational,food is culture,habit craving and identity". This clearly potrays how food work hand in hand with our culture as people. Traditional foods are recognised as vital in the lives of many for it helps phsycally,mentally and even for cultural nourishment. 

ln different communities , l can say world wide traditional food constitutes a vital element of our own identity ,in other words traditional foods defines who we are and what will be tommorow.

On the same note,some people thinks that traditional food connect them to the community past as well as land.

So guys food for thought don't take food for the sake of taking but first think of the effects you impliment on yourselves.



Dj Lisa kas