Zimbabwe Music To The World 


If you confident enough your works are top quality and should not just go for free well excellent make it available on media platforms and start making cash.....but remember the download sales have dropped significantly because people are now used to free stuff like illegal downloading, file sharing or streaming. 

Once you start selling do it be a successful businessman you got to employ shrewd tactics or else you won't succeed in this world of high pirating tinodonhedza your music for free. You can not say you selling your music on the other end you giving it out for free on WhatsApp or Sendspace hakuna zvakadaro once it is for sale keep it that way or else don't. Make sure your music is not on other people's social media platforms like YouTube ...protect it. 

Upcoming or unknown artists advice for you imbomirai kumhanya selling music before takuzivai people do not buy unless you want only your family to purchase your music. What makes you think we can buy your unknown stuff when we can get Beyonce's for free**just saying**.....give out everywhere untill you are a talk of the town and lock it. local talent 

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