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On a serious note let's get this very clear kuba mabasa evamwe kunongokupa mbiri yemu Zimbabwe chete and won't survive the border. Just because zvinhu zvakaoma in Zim ma artist you think you can get away with sampling or copying other people's work without their consent, that's stealing on a higher level and international stardom yamunochemera will  not have mercy on you unosara usina kana one song you own plus all the royalties due to the recording  itai mushe apa. 

Kana zvakubata and you want to sample someone's work seek permission or else do not....vamwe murikutinyadzisa and you know yourselves apa copying yacho munoigona sei nemonemo chaimo better than the original. 

Now that ndambokutsemurai I'm going to enlighten you basics simple steps you can also put in place in case someone is to copy or sample your creativity. 

Date you work, this could be very useful for evidential purposes if you ever need to pursue a claim for infringement of copyright. 

Put a copy of the work (on paper or as an audio recording) in an envelope, sign your name across the seal(s) of the envelope and send it to yourself by registered post. DO NOT open the envelope but store the package in a safe place until such time as you may need it in the course of any legal proceedings. It is wise to note the title of the work on the envelope for your future reference. It is the date stamp coupled with the fact that the package is unopened that constitutes the crucial evidence. 
**note** I would keep these envelopes locked up in a safe. 

If you can afford lodge a copy of the work (whether on paper or on the recording) with your bank or solicitor and obtain a dated receipt. 

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