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A contract is like a promise between people. It is an understanding, a deal between two or more people or organisations to do certain things. Each person or organisation who agrees to do something in a contract is called a party. 

An agreement, or a contract, says what you and the other person or organisation have agreed to do. It is a written list of the promises you have made. The best form of contract is written on paper and signed by each party. 

Zim artists never treat their work as business. They prefer to concentrate in the basic making of music -writing and performing and neglect the most important obivious ***agreements*** 
This neglect is often accompanied by disputes after disputes to the extend yekutadza kuwirirana zvachose nana Uncle Thomson. 

Let's get down to basics.... 
There is nothing wrong having Kule or Brother managing your hustle a process based on TRUST some big international artists were successful through this But some were not so fortunate. To avoid being the unfortunate one just *Make A Deal And Put It In Writing* 

Yes it is true verbal agreements can be legally binding but to be very safe go for the written agreement in the presence of a witness and if possible a representative. This will make things easier in the event there are later discrepancies or disagreements around the terms agreed upon. 

Do not be afraid to dispute clauses in a draft agreement. If not sure do not sign and seek legal advice. 

Manager's commission rate of 20% of gross income seems is more common than 15% nowadays, but this can be negotiable. 

The manager should not take commission on money advanced towards recording, promotional video costs or tour support. 
Live performances should be commissioned on net income, for instance gross income less the costs of sound, lighting, crew, booking agent and so on. 

A one-year contract with two options to extend the deal for a further year (three years in total) would seem fair. 

Managers should not feel uncomfortable when an artist contracted managers in other territories sure kana uri based in Zim how can you run ma settings eku London...New York....China etc. 

Attention *** The manager can spend small amounts of money on behalf of the artist on an **Agreed budget** 
*Only travelling and accommodation costs incurred by the manager while working for the artist should come out of the artist's pocket* 

Agree that any sums due to the manager when the contract ends are only recoverable from commissionable income, not as a debt that is due immediately. 

After the agreement is over 
Management agreements generally provide for the manager to continue to be paid commission on records released or copyrights published during their term of office for an agreed period of time, but not on future records or songs 

Kuonesana.....Support local 

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