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Unlike munhuwo zvake remember you always have an image to protect 24/7 on or off duty. It was your own choice to be a public figure #celebrity so you owned by the fans and critics. 

I touched on brand image on the last blog number 10 which I mentioned how important your image is as it sells you even when you not singing. Sometimes you pressured to have lods of social media profiles that you will be operating on your own which is normal especially when you starting so you can reach more people hence creating a huge fan base. If you operating these social profiles yourself you have to be very careful on how you behave because vanhu kunze uku havana tsitsi zvekuti this is my first song or I'm a big artist with a number of hits unobhombwa still on many instances you don't get the feedback you so anticipating do not be discouraged. 

You have to try by all means to be humble nyangwe uchitukwa seyi. Ukasimudza musoro remember you will be fighting with one fan who doesn't like you but because you have put yourself up there the attention is on you so is the blame and at the end of the day ndiwe uchanyura. I have witnessed ma artists anotukana nema fans pa social kusvika vanhu vese vati eke. Be smart be humble even when you not happy with critism remember you setting up a strong fan base and before you know it advocates are created from that and they will be the ones fighting your battles in future. 

Yes you might be thinking oh I must be in all social groups so I can push my works BUT if you can't handle the heat like I mentioned above you dead meat. I recommend putting together a strong team #advocates and task them to be in those social groups like WhatsApp or Facebook and you just have to get the feedback on your advocates group .They will share all your stuff and also create advocates from those groups iwe ibvako. Mamwe ma groups amuri kupinda kana kuda zvinhu I don't know ......respect is earned remember not uchingowanikwa wanikwa muzvikona. 
-ita account yemarketing team yako 
-artist page that is operated by your PR but obviously in your name so you can still notice everything going down but respond through your PR to avoid being personal. 
-Yes you can have a personal account for your friends and family keep your private life away from business chikabvondoka itsunami ne family yako haisare. 

Kumafaro I know you also human beings but like I said above they is no excuse you still answerable to your actions. Paparazzi is everywhere now just to destroy you #mamero 


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