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ZalempireRadioStation is not just a station but a station that identifies you and me. Zal stands for ZimAfricaLounge a lounge that prides in Cultural Identification a movement set to revive, preserve and exhibit our culture to other cultures. Musically we urge and promotes the embracing of our own ethnic instruments combined with modern current technology.

We here to inform entertain and educate one another, to share and exchange cultures we believe it is our responsibility to treasure our culture and other cultures will get connected too. at ZalempireRadioStation we do not promote favoritism we play all music that must have passed our quality control test for standard production whether upcoming or known artists.

You can also tune in on Simple Radio app, the app is a free download.

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Popularity is not always determined by the number of likes nor hearts on your post. If you using the social media for marketing once your post is out there done professionally and catchy it is gone and truss me the outreach is phenominal.

Don't be phased out by the number of responses at the time of posting, although it is encouraging and motivating I personally value the shares. Not all our friends and family out there enjoy seeing one grinding and succeeding but to avoid being exposed as enemies of progress they are present on your social media lives and that's it ... I value the ones that goes beyond but obviously not bothered if they don't.
Your day photo post ....the number of likes and hearts don't necessarily mean all those people genuinely care about you.. don't be fooled social is two faced use the platforms for your memories and upgrades. 

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Multitasking is not for us all only a few succeed the rest will only end up crumbling even from the least they good at. 

Stick to what you know best if it is money you blessed with invest and employ the best qualified people in that will still earn your credibility. 

I witness a lot of our talented artists trying to be everything in the entertainment business and the result to many is the usual downfall it is sad. A fine musician all of a sudden trying to be a comedian and vice versa making a mockery of oneself....why why why.....there is a reason why you are a fine musician and we have very talented comedians thank you. Stick to your lane and channel your commitment to it imbomirai kutitambisira matarenda apa esp in Zim we are a small country.. you can do the maths. 

Networking and supporting each other is the way to go sabotage will only destroy us....comedians get the musicians to do your background music ....musicians get comedians/models to feature in your music videos....musicians if you can't write get songwriters videos ne Huawei phone I beg No! Pros in that area are available if you make a contract of more video productions I'm sure you can come up with an affordable discounted price that benefits both but iyi staera yekuti one day maita zvepafoni pamberi mozoti makudawo pro vid murikuuraya industry yemumwe knowing kuti it is a one off project one will charge u pakuru to make the most....not supporting some outrageous prices charged by some. 

Let's support each other ngatipananei mabasa and as one we will become a powerhouse 

Kuonesana support local talent 


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Zimbabwe Music To The World 


If you confident enough your works are top quality and should not just go for free well excellent make it available on media platforms and start making cash.....but remember the download sales have dropped significantly because people are now used to free stuff like illegal downloading, file sharing or streaming. 

Once you start selling do it be a successful businessman you got to employ shrewd tactics or else you won't succeed in this world of high pirating tinodonhedza your music for free. You can not say you selling your music on the other end you giving it out for free on WhatsApp or Sendspace hakuna zvakadaro once it is for sale keep it that way or else don't. Make sure your music is not on other people's social media platforms like YouTube ...protect it. 

Upcoming or unknown artists advice for you imbomirai kumhanya selling music before takuzivai people do not buy unless you want only your family to purchase your music. What makes you think we can buy your unknown stuff when we can get Beyonce's for free**just saying**.....give out everywhere untill you are a talk of the town and lock it. local talent 

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Zimbabwe Music To The World 


I am sure a lot of you agree with me that the music art has been exhausted there is nothing that hasn't been done thanks to the ever developing technology and our legends vakaenda ne vachiripo. 

My opinion .......I believe what ever you do if you connect with the people you targeting emotionally, mentally and physically you would have portrayed your originality. 

Factors to assist your originality... 
- real to attract the attention remember people are good at picking up fake they see it everyday. be real you have to be honest In what you doing be it writing a song or performing. People needs to be moved ....touched ..they want to be part of the song/performance...have u ticked them boxes. 
-quality...I mentioned about everything being exhausted above so there is less much room ye kuimba zvisina basa you have to be on point or shall I say it is even harder nowadays because QUALITY is a priority no excuse. have to put in extra effort to refine you product no time for short stuff...People disregard it right away. Let's get busy no time to sleep. 

Kuonesana...supporting local talent 

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Zimbabwe Music To The World 

Unlike munhuwo zvake remember you always have an image to protect 24/7 on or off duty. It was your own choice to be a public figure #celebrity so you owned by the fans and critics. 

I touched on brand image on the last blog number 10 which I mentioned how important your image is as it sells you even when you not singing. Sometimes you pressured to have lods of social media profiles that you will be operating on your own which is normal especially when you starting so you can reach more people hence creating a huge fan base. If you operating these social profiles yourself you have to be very careful on how you behave because vanhu kunze uku havana tsitsi zvekuti this is my first song or I'm a big artist with a number of hits unobhombwa still on many instances you don't get the feedback you so anticipating do not be discouraged. 

You have to try by all means to be humble nyangwe uchitukwa seyi. Ukasimudza musoro remember you will be fighting with one fan who doesn't like you but because you have put yourself up there the attention is on you so is the blame and at the end of the day ndiwe uchanyura. I have witnessed ma artists anotukana nema fans pa social kusvika vanhu vese vati eke. Be smart be humble even when you not happy with critism remember you setting up a strong fan base and before you know it advocates are created from that and they will be the ones fighting your battles in future. 

Yes you might be thinking oh I must be in all social groups so I can push my works BUT if you can't handle the heat like I mentioned above you dead meat. I recommend putting together a strong team #advocates and task them to be in those social groups like WhatsApp or Facebook and you just have to get the feedback on your advocates group .They will share all your stuff and also create advocates from those groups iwe ibvako. Mamwe ma groups amuri kupinda kana kuda zvinhu I don't know ......respect is earned remember not uchingowanikwa wanikwa muzvikona. 
-ita account yemarketing team yako 
-artist page that is operated by your PR but obviously in your name so you can still notice everything going down but respond through your PR to avoid being personal. 
-Yes you can have a personal account for your friends and family keep your private life away from business chikabvondoka itsunami ne family yako haisare. 

Kumafaro I know you also human beings but like I said above they is no excuse you still answerable to your actions. Paparazzi is everywhere now just to destroy you #mamero 


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Zimbabwe Music To The World 

Finding an image is one of the trickiest things to get right as a musician. Your image is your brand your baby and it’s one of the things the public are likely to remember about you and what will make you stand out even vasati vatombokunzwa. 

It is best and catchy to have your own style. Vazhinji vedu even though we very good we spend the whole life time overshadowed because we not original...tinonyanya kuteedzera too much. 

The simple reason some of these singers you wanna be like have done so well is because they’ve created their own style and used it to their advantage. It’s not always about being the sexiest or best looking act in the industry although that can boost one. 

Vamwe vedu we all over the is very important that what you perform musically matches your image. The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable on stage with what you’re wearing. Mvura yekugeza ngaiwande please them clothes nyangwe dziri cheap or from BHERO they must be washed clean and well pressed munhu okandawo ka dior/roll on level rasimuka. 

Your image is the thing that sells you when you’re not selling your merchandiser or endorsement deals, therefore it is fundamentally important you are consistent with all aspects of your brand from the logos on your artwork, to your social media, to your outfits and promotional material. 

You want the public to recognise your brand instantly, if they click on your website or your Facebook page it should be obvious they’re on the right page. 

The best way to find your image is to physically go out, perform and see what you’re comfortable with. 

*Be hesitant about your music being labelled as one specific genre as it will restrict your image. You’re still trying to find what’s best for you as an artist, so restricting your image to one genre can potentially hold you back and not allow you to express all areas of your personality within your music* 

Supporting local talent 

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Zimbabwe Music To The World 

On a serious note let's get this very clear kuba mabasa evamwe kunongokupa mbiri yemu Zimbabwe chete and won't survive the border. Just because zvinhu zvakaoma in Zim ma artist you think you can get away with sampling or copying other people's work without their consent, that's stealing on a higher level and international stardom yamunochemera will  not have mercy on you unosara usina kana one song you own plus all the royalties due to the recording  itai mushe apa. 

Kana zvakubata and you want to sample someone's work seek permission or else do not....vamwe murikutinyadzisa and you know yourselves apa copying yacho munoigona sei nemonemo chaimo better than the original. 

Now that ndambokutsemurai I'm going to enlighten you basics simple steps you can also put in place in case someone is to copy or sample your creativity. 

Date you work, this could be very useful for evidential purposes if you ever need to pursue a claim for infringement of copyright. 

Put a copy of the work (on paper or as an audio recording) in an envelope, sign your name across the seal(s) of the envelope and send it to yourself by registered post. DO NOT open the envelope but store the package in a safe place until such time as you may need it in the course of any legal proceedings. It is wise to note the title of the work on the envelope for your future reference. It is the date stamp coupled with the fact that the package is unopened that constitutes the crucial evidence. 
**note** I would keep these envelopes locked up in a safe. 

If you can afford lodge a copy of the work (whether on paper or on the recording) with your bank or solicitor and obtain a dated receipt. 

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Zimbabwe Music To The World 

A contract is like a promise between people. It is an understanding, a deal between two or more people or organisations to do certain things. Each person or organisation who agrees to do something in a contract is called a party. 

An agreement, or a contract, says what you and the other person or organisation have agreed to do. It is a written list of the promises you have made. The best form of contract is written on paper and signed by each party. 

Zim artists never treat their work as business. They prefer to concentrate in the basic making of music -writing and performing and neglect the most important obivious ***agreements*** 
This neglect is often accompanied by disputes after disputes to the extend yekutadza kuwirirana zvachose nana Uncle Thomson. 

Let's get down to basics.... 
There is nothing wrong having Kule or Brother managing your hustle a process based on TRUST some big international artists were successful through this But some were not so fortunate. To avoid being the unfortunate one just *Make A Deal And Put It In Writing* 

Yes it is true verbal agreements can be legally binding but to be very safe go for the written agreement in the presence of a witness and if possible a representative. This will make things easier in the event there are later discrepancies or disagreements around the terms agreed upon. 

Do not be afraid to dispute clauses in a draft agreement. If not sure do not sign and seek legal advice. 

Manager's commission rate of 20% of gross income seems is more common than 15% nowadays, but this can be negotiable. 

The manager should not take commission on money advanced towards recording, promotional video costs or tour support. 
Live performances should be commissioned on net income, for instance gross income less the costs of sound, lighting, crew, booking agent and so on. 

A one-year contract with two options to extend the deal for a further year (three years in total) would seem fair. 

Managers should not feel uncomfortable when an artist contracted managers in other territories sure kana uri based in Zim how can you run ma settings eku London...New York....China etc. 

Attention *** The manager can spend small amounts of money on behalf of the artist on an **Agreed budget** 
*Only travelling and accommodation costs incurred by the manager while working for the artist should come out of the artist's pocket* 

Agree that any sums due to the manager when the contract ends are only recoverable from commissionable income, not as a debt that is due immediately. 

After the agreement is over 
Management agreements generally provide for the manager to continue to be paid commission on records released or copyrights published during their term of office for an agreed period of time, but not on future records or songs 

Kuonesana.....Support local 

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Zimbabwe Music To The World 

Dancehall is a Jamaican popular genre that was originated from Reggae in the 70's and that was the influence of our  Zimbabwe dancehall. 
This is my personal view and opinion so I will be very happy to be enlightened more. Do our beloved artists have time for rehearsals when touring at all? At times it might be very expensive for our promoters to cater for the artist and his Dj and opt for the local Dj's... hapana chakaipa ipapo BUT nyaya iripa cordination. Mamwe ma funnies anomboitika pa stage amanaka..Artist giving a signal more than once and getting the wrong song altogether ozopedzisira aenda kuna Dj to help selecting the right song. Still on the signal Dj wa Artist knows all the songs and when to kill or raise the beat because they practice together more often. Now a promoter can't afford to bring the Dj and appoints the local one who don't get to meet the artist untill the show time let's be honest here can we blame them two? Hell no..toisiira pano. 
Zim Artists when you performing live do you care to observe your audience and see how they responding to you....being a dj myself if your crowd is standing looking at you it is a polite way of saying Dj chaaaaange the song. Mamwe ma artists got no cordination nema fans munongomhanya pa stage up and down ....I know a number of some who even allow the fans to sing with them and that's 5 star performance kuisa Mic muhomwe chaimo and let them sing along to the beat. 
Ma fans going to your shows guys they want you to play the tunes that made you the best of your best and katsika kekuridza tuma songs twenyu tunokubatai mega please not pa show I beg mune ma Cd's enyu ridzai mumota. You always have limited time to perform anyway so why not belt out only the hits not your favourites. If you don't know how to find out your particular crowd is a simple trick on your social media when you marketing the show ask the fans which song they want you to perform. Performing a song fr two sec and modeedzera pulloooo amana why two sec before the fans at the back heard nothing. The worst part is that song is a hit fans love it but never gets to be played for more than a minute panobva panzi next tune. 


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Zimbabwe Music To The World 

Zimbabwe live performances are improving so incredibly locally and abroad witnessing impressive energy on stage from the likes of the unstoppable ever rising Sigi with his signature jump currently claiming a gold medal. 
Let me give Sando to some promoters working so tirelessly to bring us the best memorable events especially us in the diaspora....nothing feels like home having our talented artists travelling all the way from our motherland to treat us to some amazing performances. 
However the mayhem that occurs on the day of the show leaves nothing good to be desired. I'm not sure if it is (us) Zimbabwean's behaviour or promoters to blame for the commotion and confusion that happens at the events entrance. Most shows that are non Zimbos, one can easily wear white e.g. sneakers and come out clean except the girls chocolate foundation on the poor souls white shirts kkkk jokes as compared to our events where to get in regardless you have an advance ticket becomes a nightmare the moment you set your foot at the door on many occassions I reiterate. 
.....unoita seuchachema iwe wakatenga tickect kudhara the door people vanenge vakunakirwa with those paying the raised fees pa door which I personally find it so unprofessional and pure lack of customer service forgetting the advance ticket purchaser are the most important people for future shows and need utmost respect and care shows mazhinji some of the expenses anoitwa covered with these advance tickets. Kutadza kungoita two ma lines separated by barriers for the ones with tickets and for those paying at the door. 
Wapinda the chaos is not over yet Dj's are tasked to entertain the crowd for ever untill some end up vakudzingwa pa stage by fans tired of waiting sure show inonzi irikutanga ba 9pm but ma artists will start performing around 1am or 2am for the why? Apo ma drinks prices they bloody expensive achipisa futi ma Zimba musadaro. Ok lets discuss the waiting period for the artists to come on stage. Seriously there are so many talented artists based in diaspora although underrated but good enough to fill that gap before the so called international artists flying all the way from Zim only to perform to the same Zimbo audience get on stage kkkkk handisini ndadaro. I feel that will at least entertain the crowd and divert the attention. 
After all that waiting kana ma artists auya pa stage there is no room for so much action.. stage inenge yakazara vana Uncle Thomson nana Felebrities jumping and all like they are the ones paid to perform. Please ma promoter this is unacceptable and unfair considering how expensive some of your shows are remove all that junk on stage and let the artists pick who they wants on stage tinozviziva sometimes artist anoda someone to dance/perform with but not makazeni enyu please tapota. 

Let's do something for our Nation musically 

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Zimbabwe Music To The World 

It is not surprising nowadays in Zim that everyone is a music manager for a brother, niece, sister or nephew because zvakaoma paZayani no mabasa ma gheto yutts akatongovaraidza nguva with singing hoping kuti that could be the source of income BUT while at it (manager) understand the basics of the industry please. 

A good manager don't come with a degree in Music Management although it is an added advantage. A manager needs to be organised, excellent communicator, flexible and willing to learn the dynamics of the industry as it stands today. 

The basics are as follows: 

-to bring together the people and projects which meet the goals of the artist. 

-to ensure all projects run smoothly, deadlines are met and campaigns come together. 

-to remain focused on the bigger picture and end goal. 

-If you're managing unsigned artists, your priority will be to generate as much work as possible to get them noticed and paid. 

-Identify the key influencers, from the big promoters and broadcasters, to record companies and grab their attention by commanding their respect. 

-Be professional but friendly and approachable to maintain and create new contacts. 

-Cope well under pressure. 

Vana Uncle Thomson kana manzi ndibatsireiwo nemuzukuru it doesn't mean you now own them you were only working on TRUST while you were learning too ka staira kekuti ndini ndakamupinza akunditiza nooo bodo when you started this mese you were novices and you both learnt and gained from the process akuda kuyambuka regai aende next time you do contracts which I will briefly touch on the next blog. 

The music business is a great industry to work in, but to be a manager requires drive and determination which is driven by a passion for music. It's fiercely competitive but, once you've made it, it can be one of the most fulfilling and often financially rewarding careers. 

Support local talent 

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Taabho please I beg when are you gonna start singing ain't no lie most current productions are so shallow only memory after listening are the names mentioned🙄

I'm glad 2019 sort of enlighten mamwe ma Ghetto yutts bout chasing ppl who are only after their personal fame and no passion for e industry kungokandirwa 10usd wakutoimba munhu kunge praise & worship team ......most songs have nothing but name after name of Uncle Thom and and Sister Makanyara.

There is nothing wrong with appreciating those supporting your grind but after you deliver the message first I beg. It is sad what some of the talented artists face in this journey but still the blame is all theirs yes zvakaoma but be careful ana Uncle Thom once they send you airtime they claim they own you. Advice from these ppl I beg issa ❌ they have no clue at all and taking in anything from them is taking your own poison. Take the money and tell them straight up the music business is not your territory because you helped me doesn't necessarily mean you qualified music lawyer/Manager etc.

Get the qualified ppl in your team and have e guts to stand up for your creativity don't let them pass through without upgrading your grind. We want strong lyrical content we say ❌ to shallow messages

Kuonesana support local talent


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