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Cook Off On Netflix 

Zimbabwe’s first film to feature on streaming service Netflix is a romantic comedy about a struggling single mother who finds love and good fortune in a TV cooking show contest. 

Well done Elder Njagu and the whole crew this got me so educated and cultured feeling so proud zvakaoma zvakadaro Yes we can. 

"I wanted the world to know that there is more to Zimbabwe than what they hear. We also fall in love; we also enjoy nice food. We also have very nice stories," said Njagu. 
With a production budget of only $8,000, Njagu said he used his personal relationships with the cast and crew to sign deferred contracts and to bring on board studio owners and equipment hire companies without making an immediate payment. 
The low budget film was shot in 2017, but very few people in Zimbabwe had heard of it, even after it won several awards at international film festivals, including in the Netherlands, Durban and United States. 
Everything changed two and half months ago, when Netflix, the world's leading entertainment streaming service with 189 million paid viewers, came knocking on the door. /Escalade/

Mai TT On Nash TV [Supporting Girl Child] 

Last night 6th of July 2020 Nash TV Mai TT live performance was amazing. I have to give credit where when it is due, I do not follow her drama nor am I a fan of her including Madam Boss but I have a few songs from both that I do play occasionally. Mai TT a known comedian in Zim circles coming on Lockdown live as a performing artist last night and single handedly dishing out such a captivating and well orchestrated performance with so much composure like She has been doing this for ages is incredible. Sando dzenyu Mai TT wish this is a sign that maybe this is your calling, it looks like the girl child needs you. To some of our artists this is how you conduct a live performance one doesn't have to be a gifted vocalist to be an outstanding artist. /Escalade/

Thomas Mapfumo 75th Birthday 

Kurai Makore & SuluSound quality I witnessed last night 6th of July 2020 on Makore Jnr Mukanya #chimurenga and Captain Sulu #dendera #GandangaBirthday Facebook Live kuseri kwekuseri well done #ngodatv both performances were extraterrestrial. If we can have more of these kids inheriting their father s legacy in such a n amazing way the future of our music industry is safe. Thomas Mapfumo on the 3rd of July 2020, turned 75 like wine he is still grinding. He celebrated his born day with family, friends and fans all over the world. The Chimurenga King went to exile in the United States of America during Mugabe's rule and has since established himself in Oregon States. /Escalade/

Protecting Culture 

Shona ye Zim sitcom Tunga ndapakutenda 👊🏾👊🏾 ndirikudzidza shona yemandorokwati 
Nuf respect to the story writers ..directors ...whole cast crew 🔥🔥🔥 makanyanyisa I feel so proud 🇿🇼 
Guys if you proud Zimbo and you can not afford to watch our culture being diluted let's support this movement...go to the link below to watch all the episodes from the start subscribe like and share 
Let's #GetCultured #tunga

Assegai Crew  

The Assegai Crew feel 

I was listening to the sounds of Reggae Manyika Assegai Crew, this band proved more talented and well played thier genre which in that time was somehow misconcepted to different underlying characters and ideas. I had to give time to some pioneering artists to purely understand the evolution of our own kind of reggae/ragga genre. 

In 2004-5 thereabout I attended a number of shows featuring the revived Assegai Crew and thanks to the likes of Uncle Thomas Marimbita and team who helped in bringing back such memories. What shocked me was the fact that many revellers were very familiar of some of the groups yesteryear hits like Kanyama Karipi, Nyarara and Akuruma Nzeve. 

To brother Stobbart Chidikano and the rest of the band members now deceased wherever you're May Your Legacy Live. You established a good idea in the early stages. 

We now have what we call ZIMDANCEHALL, It was a long established effort. 

Reggae Manyika Fan. 

Ezekiel Chibodo.

Progress Chipfumo 

Progress Chipfumo 

Of talent shows, artist's behaviour and promoters 

09 June 2019. 

Ezekiel Chibodo. 

I was watching one of his yesteryear hits together with the then Hohodza Hot Band called *Wakandiparira* oh what a young and talented musician. I have no doubt that the talent shows of the day had seen greatness in this young soul reports say he is a product of the Chibuku Road to Fame. 

A lot of names that dominated the arts sector had directly been linked to these talent shows that use to be conducted from the peripheral four corners of this beautiful and richly talented county. I witnessed some raw talent dying a natural death by design and default. I will mention some names that were surrounded by such fate in my neighbourhood. 

I for one also tried my luck in the music industry and again the reception at these talent shows was demoralising to say the least. The year 2007 the pioneer CBZ A ACADEMY thumps up to the sponsors and handlers back then, i was one of the contestants when we tried to popularise modern day Zimdancehall but will share the outcome on another day. 

So the name Progress Chipfumo, Mateo Jonah Sithole became household name's because of handlers who identified the talent and nurtured it to become what it is now. Those who invest in raw talent are a very few because its not profitable but the only source of the future and unheralded stars. 

Now to Proggie as he is affectionately known in the music circles had to later dump the Hohodza Hot Band due to many circumstances verification for and against better to the artist. The Sounds of the Motherland was born with a couple of albums to thier name. He also happens to be one of my wife's favourite artist and we have his collection back home. 

I have had the privilege to attend some of his shows especially when he toured with Sungura maestro Aleck Macheso, I have memories of such sleepless but joyful nights that I don't regret. He belongs to the crop of artists who can perform the whole night and fans will cry for more of him on stage. He is one very good example of investment that was done in human resources. 

Meanwhile I'm still doing a reasonable job to research more on artist's behaviour and the impact it has in one's career but not to be spared Progress Chipfumo also appeared in the leading daily newspapers for wayward behaviour on and off the stage. At least his atrocities happened before the full throttle operation of the H-Metro peak. 

Talent ican take people to places where education will not take some with promoters seeing potential and capacity.,it is everyone's dream to visit the UK, USA and Australia especially when you're from this side of the world and true to the word some Zimbabwean artists have had shows in those countries namely Alick Macheso, Bundu Boys, Busi Ncube, IYASA, Winky D, Jah Prayzah etc. 

To music promoters please go down stream and search for untapped talent. 

Signing out.

Passing The Button 

On the 5th of June with the assistance of their respective parents the kids came up with a well organised Lockdown Live gig. Takakunda and Friends vapfana vangu madadisa tanga tanzwa Yo that kinda music do not need vocals ndajamba ma speaker with your instrumental skills Yo that performance was way too nice funny how such talent can go unnoticed but still earning good performance fees imwe mbiri pa zim ndeyekungobigana muma streets haa makapenga Jah man haa ndimi murikupisa pagheto lol cease fire no.lie somebody take a look at these young dudes the future of our industry is right here trust me ....met Taka Mukundu at college of music while I was researching for my dissertation and he eagerly helped me together with mudhara Mawisire......his humblenss and mentioning his dad Mono Mukundu made me want to pay a visit to my Elder I grew up watching on tele his son feeling so humbled by my courtesy call he invited me to his house / garage studio where we spent the whole afternoon going through his career and the culture of Zimbabwe music....this guy is loaded with knowledge of our music industry.....back to Taka ....the young man is a product of Zimbabwe music college and well groomed by the father himself...watching him and his friends blazing instrumental covers and remixes and their original productions made me reaffirm music is the 🔥beat🔥 vocals only make music a complete package....such a young outfit yet so confident and experienced...I give you a 💯 remain humble and focused you are the future we need 🇿🇼 #GetCultured   /Escalade/Takakunda & Friends