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Reading between the lines 


Reading between the lines 

“Education is the key to success”. Being born in an environment which promotes education for all as a  

mantra and way of living is one of the best things that can ever happen in one’s life. Waking up to a very  

busy street, full of jovial faces yet bodies covered in not so nice clothes but everyone seems alright is  

one of the most confusing scenes to any analyst. Have you ever thought that a college degree could be  

regarded as the least employment entry point for recruiting a cleaner or a block man?, Ordinary level  

certification being regarded just as ordinary and Advanced level not so advanced after all. One could be  

easily tempted to believe that these circumstances would be undoubtedly reflective of a nation so  

developed and one to never run short of ideas from its technocrats right?  

It is everyone’s wish to enjoy the fruits of their labor and to be able to leave not so much but just some  

little food in a hard worker’s plate I’m sure, to be able to share small things like food and a Christmas gift 

with your family and neighbor should be a walk in the park. So buying a car is a cause for celebration as  

the asset is perceived to make life easier for its owner I’m sure. Whoever thought that one could then  

regret ever having celebrated the purchase of a marriage wrecker? Walking through the kitchen door at  

6am to a very loud screaming voice “what do you have to say today?” is every man’s worst nightmare  

and having to give the same old lame response “Petrol/gas queue babe”, is the most difficult thing to do  

despite it being true. 

Music and Sport have become hiding caves for many during difficult and trying moments. Playing a calm  

reggae conscious track from one’s favorite artist goes a long way in easing all the pressures of the world  

but watching Liverpool thwarting Chelsea in 2020 could have a massaging effect for someone who  

would have lost all their stock to the cunning municipal police officers on the streets of a highly  

unemployed business center. Ohh, the beeping sound of the prepaid electricity meter has gone again  

and all of a sudden the Morgan Heritage track playing dies. Just before the ball got to Muhammad Salah,  

the shining lights in the room miraculously die too, ZESA yaenda!! Shouts Tendai. It never rains but  

pours! Where then can the comfort come from? They speak of electoral reforms as the only way to go  

but it’s all a myth to me an IT graduate, what do I know about politics after all? So what then do you  

make of it as a student of life?  

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Kudzai Kachayi

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