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Dancehall is a Jamaican popular genre that was originated from Reggae in the 70's and that was the influence of our  Zimbabwe dancehall. 
This is my personal view and opinion so I will be very happy to be enlightened more. Do our beloved artists have time for rehearsals when touring at all? At times it might be very expensive for our promoters to cater for the artist and his Dj and opt for the local Dj's... hapana chakaipa ipapo BUT nyaya iripa cordination. Mamwe ma funnies anomboitika pa stage amanaka..Artist giving a signal more than once and getting the wrong song altogether ozopedzisira aenda kuna Dj to help selecting the right song. Still on the signal Dj wa Artist knows all the songs and when to kill or raise the beat because they practice together more often. Now a promoter can't afford to bring the Dj and appoints the local one who don't get to meet the artist untill the show time let's be honest here can we blame them two? Hell no..toisiira pano. 
Zim Artists when you performing live do you care to observe your audience and see how they responding to you....being a dj myself if your crowd is standing looking at you it is a polite way of saying Dj chaaaaange the song. Mamwe ma artists got no cordination nema fans munongomhanya pa stage up and down ....I know a number of some who even allow the fans to sing with them and that's 5 star performance kuisa Mic muhomwe chaimo and let them sing along to the beat. 
Ma fans going to your shows guys they want you to play the tunes that made you the best of your best and katsika kekuridza tuma songs twenyu tunokubatai mega please not pa show I beg mune ma Cd's enyu ridzai mumota. You always have limited time to perform anyway so why not belt out only the hits not your favourites. If you don't know how to find out your particular crowd favourites...here is a simple trick on your social media when you marketing the show ask the fans which song they want you to perform. Performing a song fr two sec and modeedzera pulloooo amana why two sec before the fans at the back heard nothing. The worst part is that song is a hit fans love it but never gets to be played for more than a minute panobva panzi next tune. 


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