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Zimbabwe live performances are improving so incredibly locally and abroad witnessing impressive energy on stage from the likes of the unstoppable ever rising Sigi with his signature jump currently claiming a gold medal. 
Let me give Sando to some promoters working so tirelessly to bring us the best memorable events especially us in the diaspora....nothing feels like home having our talented artists travelling all the way from our motherland to treat us to some amazing performances. 
However the mayhem that occurs on the day of the show leaves nothing good to be desired. I'm not sure if it is (us) Zimbabwean's behaviour or promoters to blame for the commotion and confusion that happens at the events entrance. Most shows that are non Zimbos, one can easily wear white e.g. sneakers and come out clean except the girls chocolate foundation on the poor souls white shirts kkkk jokes as compared to our events where to get in regardless you have an advance ticket becomes a nightmare the moment you set your foot at the door on many occassions I reiterate. 
.....unoita seuchachema iwe wakatenga tickect kudhara the door people vanenge vakunakirwa with those paying the raised fees pa door which I personally find it so unprofessional and pure lack of customer service forgetting the advance ticket purchaser are the most important people for future shows and need utmost respect and care ...ma shows mazhinji some of the expenses anoitwa covered with these advance tickets. Kutadza kungoita two ma lines separated by barriers for the ones with tickets and for those paying at the door. 
Wapinda the chaos is not over yet Dj's are tasked to entertain the crowd for ever untill some end up vakudzingwa pa stage by fans tired of waiting sure show inonzi irikutanga ba 9pm but ma artists will start performing around 1am or 2am for the why? Apo ma drinks prices they bloody expensive achipisa futi ma Zimba musadaro. Ok lets discuss the waiting period for the artists to come on stage. Seriously there are so many talented artists based in diaspora although underrated but good enough to fill that gap before the so called international artists flying all the way from Zim only to perform to the same Zimbo audience get on stage kkkkk handisini ndadaro. I feel that will at least entertain the crowd and divert the attention. 
After all that waiting kana ma artists auya pa stage there is no room for so much action.. stage inenge yakazara vana Uncle Thomson nana Raviro...ma Felebrities jumping and all like they are the ones paid to perform. Please ma promoter this is unacceptable and unfair considering how expensive some of your shows are remove all that junk on stage and let the artists pick who they wants on stage tinozviziva sometimes artist anoda someone to dance/perform with but not makazeni enyu please tapota. 

Let's do something for our Nation musically 

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