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Finding an image is one of the trickiest things to get right as a musician. Your image is your brand your baby and it’s one of the things the public are likely to remember about you and what will make you stand out even vasati vatombokunzwa. 

It is best and catchy to have your own style. Vazhinji vedu even though we very good we spend the whole life time overshadowed because we not original...tinonyanya kuteedzera too much. 

The simple reason some of these singers you wanna be like have done so well is because they’ve created their own style and used it to their advantage. It’s not always about being the sexiest or best looking act in the industry although that can boost one. 

Vamwe vedu we all over the place...it is very important that what you perform musically matches your image. The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable on stage with what you’re wearing. Mvura yekugeza ngaiwande please them clothes nyangwe dziri cheap or from BHERO they must be washed clean and well pressed munhu okandawo ka dior/roll on level rasimuka. 

Your image is the thing that sells you when you’re not singing....like selling your merchandiser or endorsement deals, therefore it is fundamentally important you are consistent with all aspects of your brand from the logos on your artwork, to your social media, to your outfits and promotional material. 

You want the public to recognise your brand instantly, if they click on your website or your Facebook page it should be obvious they’re on the right page. 

The best way to find your image is to physically go out, perform and see what you’re comfortable with. 

*Be hesitant about your music being labelled as one specific genre as it will restrict your image. You’re still trying to find what’s best for you as an artist, so restricting your image to one genre can potentially hold you back and not allow you to express all areas of your personality within your music* 

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