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I am sure a lot of you agree with me that the music art has been exhausted there is nothing that hasn't been done thanks to the ever developing technology and our legends vakaenda ne vachiripo. 

My opinion .......I believe what ever you do if you connect with the people you targeting emotionally, mentally and physically you would have portrayed your originality. 

Factors to assist your originality... 
- authenticity...be real to attract the attention remember people are good at picking up fake they see it everyday. 
-honesty...to be real you have to be honest In what you doing be it writing a song or performing. People needs to be moved ....touched ..they want to be part of the song/performance...have u ticked them boxes. 
-quality...I mentioned about everything being exhausted above so there is less much room ye kuimba zvisina basa you have to be on point or shall I say it is even harder nowadays because QUALITY is a priority no excuse. 
-hardworking...you have to put in extra effort to refine you product no time for short cuts....cheap stuff...People disregard it right away. Let's get busy no time to sleep. 

Kuonesana...supporting local talent 

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