Multitasking is not for us all only a few succeed the rest will only end up crumbling even from the least they good at. 

Stick to what you know best if it is money you blessed with invest and employ the best qualified people in that area...you will still earn your credibility. 

I witness a lot of our talented artists trying to be everything in the entertainment business and the result to many is the usual downfall it is sad. A fine musician all of a sudden trying to be a comedian and vice versa making a mockery of oneself....why why why.....there is a reason why you are a fine musician and we have very talented comedians thank you. Stick to your lane and channel your commitment to it imbomirai kutitambisira matarenda apa esp in Zim we are a small country.. you can do the maths. 

Networking and supporting each other is the way to go sabotage will only destroy us....comedians get the musicians to do your background music ....musicians get comedians/models to feature in your music videos....musicians if you can't write get songwriters involved....ma videos ne Huawei phone I beg No! Pros in that area are available if you make a contract of more video productions I'm sure you can come up with an affordable discounted price that benefits both but iyi staera yekuti one day maita zvepafoni pamberi mozoti makudawo pro vid murikuuraya industry yemumwe knowing kuti it is a one off project one will charge u pakuru to make the most....not supporting some outrageous prices charged by some. 

Let's support each other ngatipananei mabasa and as one we will become a powerhouse 

Kuonesana support local talent 


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