Passing The Button

On the 5th of June with the assistance of their respective parents the kids came up with a well organised Lockdown Live gig. Takakunda and Friends vapfana vangu madadisa tanga tanzwa Yo that kinda music do not need vocals ndajamba ma speaker with your instrumental skills Yo that performance was way too nice funny how such talent can go unnoticed but still earning good performance fees imwe mbiri pa zim ndeyekungobigana muma streets haa makapenga Jah man haa ndimi murikupisa pagheto lol cease fire no.lie somebody take a look at these young dudes the future of our industry is right here trust me ....met Taka Mukundu at college of music while I was researching for my dissertation and he eagerly helped me together with mudhara Mawisire......his humblenss and mentioning his dad Mono Mukundu made me want to pay a visit to my Elder I grew up watching on tele his son feeling so humbled by my courtesy call he invited me to his house / garage studio where we spent the whole afternoon going through his career and the culture of Zimbabwe music....this guy is loaded with knowledge of our music industry.....back to Taka ....the young man is a product of Zimbabwe music college and well groomed by the father himself...watching him and his friends blazing instrumental covers and remixes and their original productions made me reaffirm music is the 🔥beat🔥 vocals only make music a complete package....such a young outfit yet so confident and experienced...I give you a 💯 remain humble and focused you are the future we need 🇿🇼 #GetCultured   /Escalade/Takakunda & Friends

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