It is amazing how much support you can get if only you step out of your comfort zone n start a first move to help others. This project is bringing to me Brothers and Sisters I never had. I am grateful and will cont supporting this movement t s Godly n e Devil has been deleted. Today here @ zalEmpire we want to take this moment to wish our supportive brother in arms MR CHRIS BISHAWU THE DIGITAL GURU a happy burfday you are wonderful. Mr Chris is found on you tube by e name INNOCENT CHRIS BISHAWU subscribe and i bet u will nt miss nyfin good digitalised....rmmbr e future s digital.....for his Support he dropped us a mixtape for our 3 tracks t s a must to watch.... we uploaded t here, zalEmpiremoFellaSoundS you tube and Digital Chris s you tube channel....we blessed...let get cultured.

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